Airtel Loan Number, To Get Talktime & Data Internet Loan [2019 Updated]

Airtel Loan Number – We all know that Airtel is the second biggest Telecom Network in India after Jio. If you are an Airtel Network customer then you need to know about this service, so that when you have an Emergency and doesn’t have sufficient talk time balance in your Airtel account to make a call, Then you can use this Airtel Loan service to take some Loan from your Telecom Network.

Airtel gives Rs. 10 Talktime loan, Which you can use to make calls and the validity of this loan is 1 day, After 1 day Airtel will deduct Rs. 13 from your Account (where Rs. 10 is your Loan amount and Rs. 3 is the service charge).


And We all know that this Time is all about Social Media & to run Social Media we need to have Data balance in our Mobile but If you don’t have any data balance in your mobile and you want to run your Social Media account immediately. Then what to do? Don’t worry Airtel also gives you Airtel Data Loan, which you can use this type of emergency situation.


What is Airtel Loan Number Services?

Airtel Loan Service is a service which is started by Airtel, Using which you can get Talktime loan of Rs. 10 when your Talktime balance is not sufficient to make any call. We know that when we have Zero talk time balance in our Mobile then we are not able to communicate with anyone. In this type of Emergency case, you can use Airtel Credit Loan Service.

Airtel gives you talk time loan of Rs. 10 and it will be deducted from your next recharge.

Airtel Talktime & Data Loan Number/USSD Code

There are three way to get Airtel Talktime Loan and Airtel Data Loan,

  • By Using Airtel Loan USSD code
  • By Using Airtel Loan Number
  • Using Airtel App

But before you go to the next step, Remind that if Airtel gives you Rs. 10 Talktime loan, Then they deduct Rs. 13 from your account when you recharge next time.

Rs. 10 Loan Amount + Rs. 3 Service Charge = Total Rs. 13

Click Here, To Know How To Check Airtel Balance.

Conditions to Getting Airtel Loan

  1. This service will work, if your Airtel main account balance is below than Rs.5.
  2. Your Airtel number must be 90 Days old to avail this service otherwise, you will not eligible to take the loan.
  3. Airtel will charge some extra service charge at the time of loan refund.
  4. The loan amount will be automatically deducted from your account by Airtel when you will recharge on your number next time.
  5. Your Airtel number should not have any previous Loan amount.

Airtel Talktime Loan Number – Airtel Loan USSD Code

Dial *141*10# OR *141# to get Rs. 10 Talktime Loan in your Airtel Account.

How to take Loan in Airtel – Airtel Loan Number

To get Airtel Talktime loan, You just need to call in this number – 52141 (Toll-Free Number). After that, you can get your Airtel Talktime Loan.

Airtel Data/Internet Loan Number

Just Dial this Code *141# Or *141*567# to get Airtel Data Loan and then you will get 50MB Internet Loan for 2 days But when you will recharge your Airtel SIM next time then it will deduct Rs 15.

How to Take Airtel Loan Using MyAirtel App

To avail Airtel Talktime Loan and Airtel Data Loan, You need to download “My Airtel” App from Playstore. Then follow below Steps.

Step-1 Download “My Airtel” App and Login or Register in it.

Step-2 After that, Click on Main Account Details.

Step-3 And then click on Manage Services

Step-4 Select Loan Option to get the Loan.

That’s it. This is very simple steps to get Airtel loan by using My Airtel App.

FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions About Airtel Loan)

  • How can I get Airtel loan code?

Airtel loan code- *141# or *141*10#

  • How can I get Rs 50 loan from Airtel?

You can not get Rs. 50 as Loan because there is no option to get the loan of Rs. 50. You can only get Rs. 10 Loan by dialing this airtel loan ussd code – *141# or *141*10#.

  • How can I get Airtel emergency balance?

To get Airtel Loan, You need to dial Airtel loan no- 52141 (Toll-Free Number) Or Dial *141# or *141*10# to get the loan in Airtel.

  • What is the loan number of Airtel?

Airtel Loan No- 52141 (Toll-Free Number)

Airtel Balance Check

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